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Company Overview

Hearing Health™ from PMC is a micronutrient designed to maintain your hearing. This is the most cost effective formulation available today and this breakthrough product is now available in Canada.

The formulation was evaluated in collaboration with the US Naval Medical Centre in San Diego, California.

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Hearing Health Supplement

Hearing Health is a complete daily micronutrient supplement formulated with specific ingredients that may support:

  • Support for Hearing Health
  • Helps Maintain Immune Function
  • A Factor in the Maintenance of Good Health

The PMC Story

In the past 25 years, there has been a great deal of research in the area of nutrition as it relates to health and disease. Magazines, books & journals provide much health information, but often the "facts" are misleading and confusing. Premier Micronutrient Corporation’s patented formulations resulting from 30 years of antioxidant research and successful human clinical trials provide the most scientifically relevant supplements in the marketplace today.

    • Supports recovery from damage to ear and balance functions by including appropriate types of critical antioxidants.

    • Contains no heavy metals or herbals as these compounds may negatively interact with other pharmaceuticals.

    • Contains the proper micronutrients to support the immune system.

    • Hearing Health requires twice daily dosing.

In The Media

PMC Hearing Health Supplements have been featured in the media and medical journals. Feel free to review the resources below. Contact Us for more information.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Support for Hearing Health
  • Helps Maintain Immune Function
  • A Factor in the Maintenance of
    Good Health
  • NOTE: Health Canada has approved a new
    and improved formulation that will
    be updated soon (NPN 80038813).
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